Sunday, June 7, 2009


I'm in the process of establishing the Irish Network/Guild of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists - I would like to hear from artists and makers who work with paper/handmade paper in their practice, or are papermakers themselves ("full time/part time"), so please feel free to get back to me or forward this information to those you think would be interested:

Tunde Toth – Artist
Kozo Studio and Gallery
As a Paper and Fibre Artist I have recently travelled to Tasmania for the 20th IAPMA Congress (International Association of Hand Papermakers and Paper Artists). I have been invited both to present workshops and exhibit my art work at the Congress and the “New Paper – Old Land” international paper art exhibition.

I'm in the process of establishing the Irish Network/Guild of Paper Artists and Papermakers - a network that assists and promotes artists, makers and raises awareness and appreciation for an ancient art form and related contemporary practice.

This network has a lot of potential: promoting member's practice through the network's own website, blogs, organizing exhibitions and educational programmes (workshops, talks, demonstrations, inviting artists of international repute...etc.) and benefiting from international networking opportunities.
I would like to hear from artists and makers – paper and fibre artists, hand papermakers, crafts people and visual artists working with handmade paper in their practice in various contexts - who are interested in taking part in this project.

To express your interest please send the following information via e-mail to:
  1. expression of interest and your full contact details

  2. indication on whether you are available during July to attend our first meeting, in Kilkenny or in Dublin.

    short description of your work/practice – 1 A4 page only - and

  4. 2 images of your recent works and/or links to your website or blog or social networking site to view your work

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  1. This is so ambitious! That is great to see. How is the guild developing?